Destination Desolation

destination desolation handwriting font

I’m now in my final year of high school, and I also work about 20 hours a week. It has been a long long long long long time since I have created or uploaded a font. I’ve had this one on my computer for nearly 2 years without touching the file and today decided the best way to get back into it would be to submit something, regardless of quality. So I present my latest and greatest work, DESTINATION DESOLATION (although no capital letters, numbers, or punctuation are offered in the font itself.) I’m more interested in working on newer and better things, but with some money I can be persuaded to add capitals, punctuation etc.

As always, please don’t steal my work, and please pay me if you use it commercially! A donation of $15 is the approximate of 2 hours of minimum wage work, so I would greatly appreciate it!

Thanks again,
(follow my instagram @aly.k.sal for potential new stuff)


Font info

Designer Name:
Date: March 21, 2018
Downloads: 692
Classification: Handwritten, Script
License:Free for Commercial Use

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