Stratford Sans

Stratford Sans Font

DESIGNED BY: Victoria Vandenberg from @BonaFideCraft

The objective of Stratford Sans was to pull from both ends of the spectrum through combining vintage + modern typographic elements to create a font that would seamlessly amalgamate itself into the story of your designs.

Design Process

The initial design process pulled from finding a voice for the city of Stratford, Ontario. The city has a strong scene of traditional arts + culture and is focused on adding digital culture + flair to the mix. The city is expressive, traditional, and unexpected. Therefore, elements tipping a hat to traditional British letterforms and the fluid combination of grotesque era ovals and unforeseen hints of geometric characters are what truly send Stratford Sans into a realm of its own.

The initial design decision was that Stratford Sans would, in fact, be a sans serif font. This is to pull away from its branding of traditional arts and giving it the opportunity to newly define itself, whilst still allowing the magic that is its history, to seep through its characters. Interlacing two conflicting themes gives you the ability to craft a harmony between the two: to pull the exciting and non-negotiable defining elements of each – and defining a new sensation.


Font info

Designer Name:
Date:May 4, 2018
Classification: Fancy, Retro
License:Free for Commercial Use

Character Map

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