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PostBus Sans Serif Font. In mid-2017, I once again received a request for writing for a vehicle renovation project. This time it was a person who was in the process of making an old Austrian post bus roadworthy again. Of course, the addresses should also be restored as true to the original as possible. So first I drew the letters needed for the renovation of the vehicle. and it also reminds me of the typical Tatüüü-Tataaa: “The post is here” which resounded far and wide through the Tyrolean Alpine valleys at the time.
Later, however, I expanded the uppercase font further, i.e. a complete set of Latin characters, then also Cyrillic and Greek, as well as some OpenType functions were added.

These OpenType functions, such as automatic breaks (selectable in 2 ways, on the one hand via the standard function “frac” for OT professionals, but also via a switch ## that works in OT-enabled programs without selecting the OT function: ##1/5 equals the fraction with superscript and subscript digits, as well as many ligatures and as a bonus an arrow function <—< results in an arrow pointing to the left, which can be written as long as you like using multiple hyphens the instructions for the font in the download!

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Date: September 21, 2022
Downloads: 12
Classification: Basic Fonts, Sans Serif Fonts
License: Free for Commercial Use

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PostBusPro The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
LichtePostBusPro The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

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