Pepsi Logo Font

Pepsi is a carbonated soft drink manufactured by PepsiCo. Originally created and developed in 1893 by Caleb Bradham and introduced as Brad’s Drink, it was renamed as Pepsi-Cola in 1898, and then shortened to Pepsi in 1961. WHAT FONT WAS USED IN LOGO? The font used for the Pepsi logo is Pepsi Light Font.

Pepsi is a carbonated soft…

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Porsche Logo Font

Porsche AG, often referred to as Porsche, is a German luxury sports car company and a sub-brand under Volkswagen AG – the world’s leading automobile group as well as the Porsche family. Porsche was founded by Ferdinand Porsche – one of the inventors and pioneers of automotive engineers in the field of automation with his daughter – Mrs. Louise Piëch Porsche. The company is currently headquartered in the Zuffenhausen district, in the city of Stuttgart,… Continue readingPorsche Logo Font

Porsche AG, often referred to…

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Lufthansa Font

Deutsche Lufthansa AG , commonly shortened to Lufthansa, is the flag carrier of Germany. When combined with its subsidiaries, it is the second-largest airline in Europe in terms of passengers carried. Lufthansa is one of the five founding members of Star Alliance, the world’s largest airline alliance, formed in 1997. WHAT FONT WAS USED IN LOGO? “Helvetica” is the font used in Lufthansa logo.

Deutsche Lufthansa AG , commonly…

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Jeep Logo Font

Jeep is an American automobile brand that is part of Chrysler Group LLC in a global strategic alliance with Fiat. In 1987, the directors of the Chrysler Corporation acquired the Jeep brand, along with the remaining assets of American Motors. WHAT FONT WAS USED IN LOGO? “Helvetica Neu” is the font used in Jeep logo.

Jeep is an American automobile…

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Saab Logo Font

Saab AB (originally Svenska Aeroplan AB, later just SAAB and Saab Group) is a Swedish aerospace and defence company, founded in 1937. Headquartered in Stockholm, the development and the manufacturing is undertaken in Linköping. Saab produced automobiles from 1947 until 1990 when the automobile division was spun off as Saab Automobile, a joint venture with General Motors. The joint venture ended in 2000 when GM took complete ownership. From 1968 onwards the company was in… Continue readingSaab Logo Font

Saab AB (originally Svenska Aeroplan…

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Artega Logo Font

Artega Automobil GmbH & Co. KG is a German sports car manufacturer based in Delbrück, Germany. Founded by Klaus Dieter Frers in 2006, the company’s first product was a mid-engined sports coupé released in 2007. In early 2010, a private equity and venture capital firm that already held a stake in Artega took full control. Artega filed for bankruptcy in July 2012. It was reacquired by a company under Frers’ control that same year and… Continue readingArtega Logo Font

Artega Automobil GmbH & Co.…

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Nissan Logo Font

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (Japanese: 日産自動車株式会社, Hepburn: Nissan Jidōsha kabushiki gaisha) (trading as Nissan Motor Corporation and often shortened to Nissan) is a Japanese multinational automobile manufacturer headquartered in Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Japan. The company sells its vehicles under the Nissan, Infiniti, and Datsun brands, with in-house performance tuning products (including cars) labelled Nismo. The company traces back to the beginnings of the 20th century, with the Nissan zaibatsu, now called Nissan Group. WHAT FONT WAS… Continue readingNissan Logo Font

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (Japanese:…

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Champion Logo Font

Champion (also stylized as Champion U.S.A.) is a brand of clothing, specializing in sportswear owned and marketed by American apparel company Hanesbrands (based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina), which was spun off by the Sara Lee Corporation in 2006. The company was originally based in Rochester, New York, prior to its acquisition by Sara Lee in 1989. Champion is Hanes’ second-largest brand. WHAT FONT WAS USED IN LOGO? Champion logo looks like a modification of the… Continue readingChampion Logo Font

Champion (also stylized as Champion…

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Michael Kors Logo Font

Michael Kors is a luxury brand from the US with the main products being watches, bags and fashion clothing products. WHAT FONT WAS USED IN LOGO? The logo text we identified was generated by Helvetica Font

Michael Kors is a luxury…

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L’Oréal Logo Font

L’Oréal S.A. (French pronunciation: is a French personal care company headquartered in Clichy, Hauts-de-Seine with a registered office in Paris. It is the world’s largest cosmetics company and has developed activities in the field concentrating on hair color, skin care, sun protection, make-up, perfume, and hair care. WHAT FONT WAS USED IN POSTER? We did our best to find the best font for the L’Oréal Logo. an extended sans-serif in uppercase. Some fonts that resemble… Continue readingL’Oréal Logo Font

L’Oréal S.A. (French pronunciation: is…

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Saint Laurent Logo 2012 Font

Yves Saint Laurent SAS, also known as Saint Laurent, is a famous French fashion company founded by Yves Saint Laurent and his partner Pierre Bergé in 1961. After Creative Director Hedi Slimane started taking over Yves Saint Laurent in 2012, the company officially used the brand “Saint Laurent” for their entire ready-to-wear line, as well as a new logo of “Saint Laurent”. – Paris”. The redesign of 2012 was held after the name of the… Continue readingSaint Laurent Logo 2012 Font

Yves Saint Laurent SAS, also…

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CJNG Logo Font

The Jalisco New Generation Cartel (Spanish: Cártel de Jalisco Nueva Generación) or CJNG, formerly known as Los Mata Zetas, is a semi-militarized Mexican criminal group based in Jalisco which is headed by Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes (“El Mencho”), one of the world’s most-wanted drug lords. The cartel has been characterized by its aggressive use of extreme violence and its public relations campaigns. Although the CJNG is particularly known for diversifying into various types of criminal rackets,… Continue readingCJNG Logo Font

The Jalisco New Generation Cartel…

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Balenciaga Logo Font

Balenciaga is a Spanish luxury fashion brand founded in 1919 by designer Cristóbal Balenciaga. The company is now part of the French multinational Kering group. WHAT FONT WAS USED IN LOGO? “Gotham Medium” is the font used in Balenciaga logo.

Balenciaga is a Spanish luxury…

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