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January 25, 2021 at 00:13

Fritz and Chesster (German: Fritz und Fertig) is a series of educational programs about chess for children. In each of the four PC games, Fritz White and his cousin Bianca learn chess with the help of the anthropomorphic rat Chesster. In the first three games, they learn various elements of chess before competing against King Black in a chess game; the fourth game is set on an alien planet. The first game teaches the rules of the game, along with some basic checkmates and strategy. The next games teach opening theory, tactics, middlegame analysis and endgames, along with checkmate patterns. Other games feature chess variants, chess puzzles or timed games with highscore boards.


Spumoni LP Regular” is the font used in Fritz & Chesster poster. Spumoni LP was designed by Garrett Boge and published by LetterPerfect. Spumoni LP contains 1 style.

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