Hamsterball Game Font

March 23, 2023 at 23:43


Hamsterball is a video game developed by Raptisoft Games, released on 8 February 2004 for Microsoft Windows. The TikGames PlayStation version was created on 25 March 2010.

Similar to the arcade game Marble Madness, the goal is to complete a series of 15 race courses in as short a time as possible while avoiding various obstacles. Instead of a marble, however, the player controls a hamster in a clear plastic exercise ball. A short fall causes the hamster to become dizzy and hard to control for a short time. If the hamster falls too far, rolls off the course, or is destroyed by an obstacle, a new one is placed on the course after a short delay. A set amount of extra time is added to the player’s clock at the beginning of each race; if time runs out, the game ends.

By following invisible paths on the courses, players can unlock appropriately themed multiplayer combat arenas. During this mode of play, “Rodent Rumble,” the goal is to knock opponents’ hamsters off the edge or into lethal obstacles as many times as possible within a time limit.


Showcard Gothic” is the font used in Hamsterball poster.

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