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August 26, 2021 at 00:05

Snakehead is produced, written, and directed by Evan Jackson Leong (Linsanity). In addition to Kang and Chang, the film also stars Jade Wu (Luke Cage, The Motel), Yacine Djoumbaye (Three Trembling Cities), Catherine Jiang (A Different Sun), and Richie Eng (Killerman).

Snakehead promises a new take on the American crime drama, in a story inspired by true events. The film’s lead, Tse (Chang) rises through the ranks of a powerful New York City family, willing to take on whatever jobs might come her way — but as Tse soon realizes, there are some lines she just won’t cross. Chang’s strengths are on full display in this trailer, making her one to watch as she leads this ensemble. It’s also exciting to see Kang in a role so distinct from the one many mainstream audiences are more familiar with from him. Snakehead is also set to premiere at this year’s TIFF, and is also an official selection at both the New York Asian Film Festival and the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.


Agency FB BoldCompressed” is the font used in Snakehead poster.

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