The Invitation Film Font

June 28, 2022 at 23:54

The Invitation is directed by Jessica M. Thompson and features many women in key roles behind the camera, including screenwriter Blair Butler. For Emmanuel, having a woman at the helm of The Invitation was a source of pride given how few female feature directors there are, let alone in the horror genre. The actor hailed Thompson as a “really, really smart, confident, knows-what-she-wants, brilliant director.” Emmanuel also praised Thompson for helping to craft the relationship between Evie and Thomas Doherty’s antagonist, Walter, whose seduction of Evie masks his nefarious true intentions: “Jess did a lot of work with us to help build that ease, that chemistry that they immediately have, and which ultimately lures her into a false sense of security.”


Baskerville Old Face Small Caps” is the font used in The Invitation poster.

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