Globecast Logo Font

November 14, 2022 at 00:05

Globecast is a service company for the radio, television and media industry, providing solutions for media and content management, aggregation, formatting, processing, transmission and distribution. These contents are feeding various television and radio platforms: direct-broadcast satellite (DBS), digital terrestrial television (DTT), cable TV, IPTV, TV for internet connected screens (OTT TV), digital signage networks, cinema theaters (DCP and live events delivery). Globecast is a key player in this industry, serving the needs for top 100 television broadcasters in the world.


The logo text we identified was generated by ITC Avant Garde Gothic Bold Font. ITC Avant Garde Gothic Font Family was designed by Edward Benguiat, Herb Lubalin, Christian Mengelt, Erich Gschwind, Tom Carnase, André Gürtler and published by ITC. ITC Avant Garde Gothic contains 20 styles and family package options.

Free alternative fonts for GlobeCast logo: is OPTISUPAUVANTGOTHICBOLD Font.

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